Growth & Feeding Problems Treatment in Rajahmundry

Growth and feeding problems

Babies may suffer from minor problems that are associated with food including neglecting new foods, spewing or refusing to eat at some specific times.

Signs and symptoms of growth problems

Evaluation of baby's growth issues can be done after measurements of height which shows slower than normal rate of growth.

Causes may be disturbances in nutrition and health that almost lead to growth issues.

Other causes of growth problems are:

  • Serious conditions of the heart, brain, lungs or kidneys.
  • Inflammatory bowel disease.
  • Chromosomal irregularity such as down syndrome.
  • Deformity in high cortisol levels (cushing syndrome).
  • Rare genetic syndromes.

Infant feeding disorders can involve with holding liquids, grabbing food, and keeping foods in the mouth, chewing and sucking.


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