Children Infections Treatment in Rajahmundry


It may additionally appear like your child is sick always. As their young age is exposed to many new germs (viruses or bacteria) and haven’t built sufficient defenses towards them. Most younger ones will have eight to ten colds yearly. Most of these infections are moderate and won’t ultimately last long. As they get older, they get ill less often. Universal hospital has experienced children doctor in Rajahmundry

How do infections spread?

Following are the ways how germs usually spread:

  • Direct contact with others having germs in the nose, eyes, mouth and stool or upon the skin. Direct contact also includes others touch, kiss, or holding hands with people who are already ill.
  • Indirect contact with an infected person spreading germs with a touch or mouthing an object like a door knob, a toy or a used tissue that is later used by another person.
  • Droplets transmission is very usual. As the infected person sneezes or coughs without a tissue covering the mouth and nose, germs in the nose and throat may spread easily through droplets.
  • Airborne spread is much less common and happens when germs present in the air and are held round on air currents. Diseases like measles and chickenpox viruses spread in this way. These germs are stubborn to control. The best option to save your child is by vaccines against these infections.


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