Children Vaccinations in Rajahmundry


When you are a new parent, childhood vaccines or immunizations can be overwhelming. The role of vaccinations is not only to keep your child away from deadly diseases like polio, tetanus, and diphtheria, but also protects the children by eliminating or minimizing dangerous diseases that would spread from child to child. Universal hospital provides best children vaccinations in Rajahmundry we have well experienced paediatricians in Rajahmundry who will do vaccination for your children in time

Important reasons to vaccinate your child

One of the best ways to save your child is to ensure that they have all of their vaccinations.

  • Immunizations could protect your child’s life.
  • Immunizations can help in saving your family time and money.
  • Vaccination is very effective and safe.
  • It protects others you care about.
  • Immunization protects next generations.


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