Shoulder Arthroscopy in Rajahmundry

Shoulder Arthroscopy

Arthroscopy is a procedure where your doctor views inside your joint with the help of arthroscope to treat problems in a joint. Arthroscopy can be done on any joint. Most often, it’s performed on the shoulder, hip, knee, elbow, ankle or wrist. Shoulder is the most important part for the motion and for the daily activities. Consult the Best Shoulder arthroscopy doctors in Rajahmundry for the Shoulder arthroscopy treatment. Universal hospitals stand at the top as the best Shoulder Arthroscopic hospitals in Rajahmundry with the experienced Orthopaedic doctors.

This surgical procedure is also used to treat a range of joint problems and conditions, including: repairing damaged cartilage.

2 or 3 incisions are required to place the scope and any necessary instruments. In order to view shoulder joint and in the space surrounding the rotator cuff clearly, the joint is filled with sterile fluid. When the surgeon detects a problem within the shoulder they may insert small tools into the cuts to correct the problem. This surgery usually takes not more than one hour to perform.


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